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3 Ways We're Keeping You Safe while Traveling in 2021

When COVID19 struck, our business was affected, like so many others out there. We immediately thought of all the weddings, concerts and events that had to be postponed or rescheduled. But we are all about resiliency and we know that with time, patience and safe practices, we'll be on the road in no time, ready to serve our customers. Here are three ways we are keeping you safe when you travel with us in 2021.

  1. Vehicle Sanitization - All our vehicles are properly sanitized with a hospital grade sanitizer before and after your arrival. You can expect exceptional cleanliness when you travel with us, to ensure your health.

  2. Mask - All drivers wear a face covering for your safety and theirs.

  3. Hand Sanitizers - All our vehicles has a hand sanitizer dispenser for your use.

We care deeply about your safety and are looking forward to transporting you soon! Book your next trip with us now!

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